📢dCrops Official Announcements

Stay Up-to-Date with official Announcements from dCrops on the Hive Blockchain

🔉Giving Gifts, Event Shop, and Raffle are live + dCrops x OCD Writing contest

🔉dCrops Christmas + New Years Event is now live! Total Prizes worth more than $2800

🔉World Cup Contest - New Sponsor and Prizes - dCrops adds 30000 CROP!

🔉dCrops Halloween 2022 Event Shop is now open!

🔉dCrops Update: Changes and adjustments to Farming, Quests, Mystery and the halloween event

🔉The Orchard update is live! Here's a how-to guide to plant trees in dCrops

🔉dCrops Halloween Celebration 2022!

🔉The Workshop is live! | Here's how you can use the workshop in dCrops

🔉Construction Update is LIVE! Here's a how-to guide on building equipment

🔉Buying CROP tokens just got easier! SWAP.HIVE:CROP LP now live on Tribaldex

🔉dCrops has officially entered BETA!

🔉dCrops Update - Quest Reward changes, Buying Reward Chests, Withdraw BETA pack to hive engine and more

🔉dCrops Pre-Sale has begun - Why you should buy during the pre-sale?

🔉dCrops BETA Pre-Sale Promo Card Reveal

🔉dCrops BETA Edition Info and Pre-Sale Announcement

🔉Changes to the NFT burn system | dCrops x Splinterlands Tournament

🔉Introducing CropSwap - Convert hive to swap.hive and vice versa at 0.25% fee

🔉dCrops Update: Quest Reward Scaling, Booster Shop, and dCrops on Keychain mobile app

🔉dCrops Update: Quests, Booster Items and a rough roadmap for BETA edition

🔉Earn HIVE by holding dCrops assets! 211% APY!!! Details inside

🔉What's new in dCrops? UI and ART Updates, HIVE Rewards, Quests and referral contest prize worth 200$

🔉dCrops on NFTMart

🔉dCrops ALPHA is live| Reward pool increased to 500,000 CROP

🔉dCrops Update - Open Testing | 25000 CROP token reward pool during testing

🔉dCrops Packs Can Now Be Opened | Wen game?

🔉10,000 ALPHA Packs sold out within 2 days!

🔉The Pre-Sale Begins! Here's Why You Should Get Them Now

🔉dCrops Update - Reward Structure, Wiki and Airdropping 100 Alpha Packs

🔉Reward NFTs - Ores and Materials Update is Live!

🔉Introducing dCrops - A Farming Sim on the Hive blockchain! | Pre-Sale airdrops and more

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