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Orchard (www.dcrops.com/orchard) is located on the sidebar , below Construction. This is a piece of enclosed land planted with fruit trees. These trees are NFTs which you will only need to plant once and they will keep producing their fruits forever. This means that once you plant a tree, it will occupy that land NFT forever.
Trees NFT on dCrops
  • 🍑
    Peach Tree which keeps producing in Autumn Season
  • 🍎
    Apple Tree which keeps producing in Winter Season
  • 🥭
    Mango Tree which keeps producing in Summer Season
  • 🍊
    Orange Tree which keeps producing in Spring Season
All Trees NFT are of the Legendary type and can only be planted on Hi-Tech and/or Trinity Plots.
Plant a tree on dCrops
Here in PLANT A TREE you will select the type of tree and plot you wish to plant on. Similar to the other seeds, trees will be seasonal and will only produce in their own season. The difference is that you can plant them in any season since they will take a long time to finish growing.
Claim tree fruits on dCrops
Once a tree has finished growing, it will produce it's fruit every day while the tree is still in its season. Here in the CLAIM FRUITS tab will be all the fruits you can claim once ready.
Unlike regular seeds, once you plant a tree, that seed NFT is removed from your account.