Construction (www.dcrops.com/construction) is located on the sidebar , below Workshop. This is the BETA edition's backbone is construction. It serves as the foundation for all future dCrops metaverse upgrades and adjustments.

You may now construct blueprint NFTs with plots and resources from quest reward chests to create useful equipment.

📍Getting Started on Construction

There are a couple of steps that you will need to do in order to begin with construction.

Step 1: You'll first need to convert your land into plots

Each blueprint needs a different amount of Plots to build. Since land NFTs have varying number of plots, you will need to convert your lands into plots. The land NFT will then be converted into their corresponding number of plot NFTs.

Since Average Farmland (the common land NFT) only has 1 plot, it is not required to be converted into a plot NFT. One thing you will need to do is to remove anything that has been planted on it.

👉To convert your land to plots, go to the CONVERT TO PLOT tab on the construction page.

Converting lands to plots is instant and there are no timers to do so.

Note the plot you use to build an equipment will determine what kind of bonuses you get.

Step 2: Make sure you have the Equipment Blueprint

On dCrops, every piece of equipment has a blueprint. To effectively construct that equipment, you will need a blueprint. Say for example a player wants to build a Kiln:

Player can Purchase this equipment blueprint from the market or pull it from a BETA pack.

Step 3: Gather the necessary materials

Once you have got your plots squared away, its time to gather materials.

👉Furnace, Kiln and Saw Mill are the 3 blueprints which can be built directly using resource NFTs like wood, ores etc. All other equipment need processed resources which are processed by the 3 equipment mentioned above.

👉So if you want to build the rest of the equipment, you will first need to build the above 3 equipment. Or alternatively you could buy the processed resource from other players.

If you are running low on resource NFTs, you can either buy them from the market or you can try your luck with Reward Chest++ from the booster shop.

Step 4: Build it!

Once you have your plot(s), Blueprint and materials ready, its time to build your equipment.

You will get prompted by the HIVE KEYCHAIN, go on and CONFIRM!

The Kiln take 5 days to finish building.

Step 5: Congratulations you did it!

🎉And there you have it. After you have built your equipment, you will then be able to Cook and Craft everything.

You stand a 10% chance to earn extra bonuses like more building resources.

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