In the game of dCrops, one of the reward system is via the LEADERBOARD.

The LEADERBOARD is the seasonal systems that dCrops uses to reward active players during each season.

The reward that you can receive from participating in the Leaderboard is a certain amount of CROP tokens awarded based on a Reward pool and based on the Shares points earned and sold by each player during a season of play.

Each season, the reward pool changes. The Leaderboard for the current season (Spring season) has a reward pool of 415359.35 CROP tokens.

The leaderboard will be updated every 3 hours until the final season count downs, then the rewards base on shares sold are distributed. Currently, assuming it is the end of the season and #1. Active player - Seeyouinlumb has topped the board by selling 45,433 shares, this player will be rewarded with 47,040.972 CROP TOKEN (approximately 183.76Hive - $45.92). Seeyouinlumb can earned this and even more every 15-days at the end of the season.

Each Player can view their respective RANK, SHARES and potential REWARDS on the top right corner of their dashboard.

The greater the number of shares sold by a player, the greater the reward.

dCrops ensures that all active players are rewarded. You would benefit continuously over time. Isn't that incredible?

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