The Inventory (www.dcrops.com/inventory) on the sidebar is the players warehouse of Harvested crop shares, crafting shares and Recipes shares. The entirety of everything that can be sold.

Before the end of each season, players visit their inventory to Sell All Shares or Filter base on Type, Rarity, Season and Edition. Once a player successfully sells harvest crop shares, their name is added to the leaderboard. This is a board that displays the names and places or ranks of the top players in the game who have sold shares.

At the end of each season, dCrops adds about 415359.4 CROP TOKENS [this amount varies every season] to the reward pool for players to draw from based on the number of shares sold; as a result, the more shares a player sells, the bigger the reward amount, which is in Crop Tokens. Visit Farming to learn how to sell shares, and Leaderboard to gain a better understanding of how the reward distribution work.

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