Other dCrops Frequently Asked Questions

This section will address frequently asked questions from dCrops players in the Discord Server.

🇶 : How much money do you need to invest in order to play?

🇦 : Usually a Starter pack should get you going;

A total of 70 Hive should get you started with the above packs.

Alternatively, you could also just get single NFTs at [https://www.dcrops.com/market]

  • 1 Average Farmland

  • 1 spring seed - broccoli

  • 1 summer seed - turnip

  • 1 fall seed - carrot

  • 1 winter seed - peas

The above listed should amount to 25-30 Hive [allow for +/- in price]. If invest for both Packs and Single NFTs [70 Hive + 30 Hive = 100 Hive] , you will get started very nicely.

🇶 : I have an Alpha pack in Leodex/Tribaldex, but it's not showing up in-game. How can I transfer it in-game?

🇦 : You have to go to the PLAY section as indicated by arrow ➡️1

  • On your Dashboard, click on the pack and token information Box as indicated by arrow ➡️2

A dialog Box will open on your dashboard.

  • Check to view the number of Packs you have on Hive-Engine as indicated by arrow ➡️1

  • Enter in the desired number of Packs you wish to Deposit In-game as indicated by arrow ➡️2

  • Click on DEPOSIT as indicated by arrow ➡️3

  • Hive-keychain will prompt you with Custom transaction verification, Click CONFIRM as indicated by arrow ➡️4

You will receive a TRANSACTION BROADCASTED SUCCESSFULLY. Close dialog box (X) and refresh dCrops website [sometime the Hive-Engine may delay, refresh until pack counts In-game. Do not repeat deposit action only IF it says FAILED]. Go-to https://www.dcrops.com/open and open your Alpha pack.

The Above DEPOSIT process is the same for withdrawal, only here, you Click on WITHDRAWAL

The Above ALPHA PACK Process applies for CROP TOKEN and BETA PACK, deposit and withdrawal respectively.

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