Workshop (www.dcrops.com/workshop) is located on the sidebar , below Cooking. Here players can craft their raw materials into their processed forms like; Wood to Planks, Ores to Ingots, and Stone to Slabs.

Also, In order to craft those items, a fee needs to be paid in CROP tokens. The fee depends on the rarity of the final item as listed in the table below:

As already explained in this post, 50% of the fee used to craft the NFT will be locked as the burn value of the resultant NFT. For example, this means that a Gold Ingot will be worth at least 500 CROP tokens. The locked CROP tokens will be obtainable if the NFT is burned. However, if the NFT is further used to craft a blueprint, these locked tokens will not be released back to the player.

Using the workshop is pretty straightforward. There are items and equipment required for a player to complete a craft successfully. Everything that you require is stated under your ITEMS.

Once the transaction goes through, you just need to wait the required time, and then you can claim your items.

The special abilities will apply accordingly to the equipment that is used to craft these items.

You can only build Equipment on Fertile plots, Awesome Plots, Hi-tech Plots and Trinity Plots. Average lands are excluded.

You can convert your Fertile plots, Awesome Plots, Hi-tech Plots and Trinity Lands into Plots or buy from the market.

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