🟢Getting Started

📍To start Playing dCrops, you will need to set up a HIVE ACCOUNT. To set up an account and receive your private keys please use any of these Hive onboarding platforms below.

📍Alternatively if you click on Create Account, you will be directed to signup via HIVE.IO.

Hive Keychain is a browser extension for use on computers, and a mobile-app for smartphones. It can hold your Hive Keys in encrypted form and 'SIGN' transactions on the blockchain for you. That prevents you from having to copy/paste your Keys each time you login or need to confirm a transaction.

Copying/pasting Keys constantly is tedious and is very Unsafe.

The first time you run Hive Keychain, it will ask you for a 'NEW PASSWORD' and then to 'CONFIRM' it. This is a password of your own choosing, to lock and secure Keychain so only you can get into it.

On the next screen, click 'USE KEYS/PWD' to enter individual Keys, or your Master Password to add all your Keys at once. Then click 'SAVE' and you're ready to use Keychain!

Download link to Hive Keychain

📍If you are using a browser like KIWI BROSWER which is fast and light, then you need a Hive keychain Extension. Simply click Here to download Hive keychain extension from google chrome web store and install.

Our advice is to save your Master Password and Keys to multiple locations, preferably on multiple encrypted thumb-drives (because hardware can always fail), print them on paper and lock them in a box, whatever you have to do to be sure they are always accessible to you, but not to others.

dCrops website only Needs your Posting and Active keys [not Master Password] to carry out Blockchain transactions. The Hive Keychain securely provides this information by interacting with the dCrops website in an Encrypted manner.

No Admin/Staff of dCrops will ever ask you for your Private keys. If you lose your Keys, you lose your gaming assets and any work you've done while building your account.

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