dCrops Wiki

Welcome to dCrops

dCrops is a crypto-collectible farming simulation game perfectly built on the Hive blockchain which puts you in the shoes of a farmer. We picked the Hive blockchain for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it is an ecosystem of play to earn games and other blockchain-based activities, as well as its free and fast nature. This choice has immensely aided us in making all blockchain interactions, financial or otherwise, considerably better for our community.
On dCrops, you have complete control over your farm, where you may grow a variety of crops. We firmly believe in asset ownership, which is why whatever in-game asset you purchase or earn is kept on the blockchain as an NFT.
The basic premise of the game is to plant seeds on vacant land, then wait for crops to mature before harvesting them.
dCrops has now evolved into much more. We were able to grow and enhance the game by adding features like crafting, cooking, construction, and more.
The game's native currency, the CROP token, is at the core of dCrops economy. This currency can only be earned by selling harvest shares in-game at the end of each farming season.
Plants seeds in your vacant lands and wait for them to mature.
Harvest your crops and sell them for CROP tokens or HOLD harvest shares for HIVE rewards.